They think they are very very … ‘Golden Penis Syndrome’ could be ruining their lifts

How does this affect women?

Although some women agree to being in an open or polyamorous relationship, those who are looking for a monogamous relationship will be affected by this ‘Golden Penis Syndrome’.

On the one hand, man is likely to develop poor social and sexual skills, Because of the lack of male competition, he feels that he does not need to improve in any of these aspects.

The ‘ghosting’, practice in which the other person disappears from your life unexpectedly And for no apparent reason, it is another way to get affected by getting involved with a man with this syndrome.

How sometimes it is inevitable to be in environments where there are few single men, as a woman it is better to put aside the thought of what can be done to attract a man, and focus on what does a man do to attract his girl.

Do not forget the own value and always put limits and agreements on interpersonal relationships; To others, not striving to find a partner, because as they say out there, sometimes it is better to be alone than in bad company.

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