They want to remove the Secretary of Government of Bogotá ‘Like Pepa’e Guama’

The hard way of the POT

On Friday, September 10, the Secretary of Government, Luis Ernesto Gómez, and the Secretary of Planning, María Mercedes Jaramillo, settled the POT Bogotá Reverdece in the Bogotá Council -the city roadmap for the coming years- before the president of the corporation, María Fernanda Rojas, and the president of the Plan Commission, Celio Nieves. From this date they had 90 days to debate it and vote it for or against.

The Council is currently within 15 days of meeting the deadline to approve or deny the POT. However, due to the challenges filed, the absences and the breakdown of the quorum debate on the draft agreement has been extended on several occasions.

One of the lobbyists’ concerns is that due to these obstacles and scandals, it will not be possible to vote on the document and at the hands of Mayor Claudia López to be signed by decree.

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