Thieves shot SITP driver on his birthday

The professional of the steering wheel is miraculously alive after receiving several impacts with a traumatic weapon on a street in the town of Suba.

A bus driver of the Integrated Public Transport System, is miraculously alive, after receiving a bullet with a traumatic weapon in the abdomen and in one of his arms, by a thug and precise on the day of his birthday, November 24 of this year 2021.

Óscar Eduardo Guzmán, the shot, said in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that after leaving the house and entrusting himself to the Virgen del Carmen on his way to his workplace, he looked everywhere and seeing that everything was only at around 4:50 a.m., he closed the gate of his home, but a few steps, at the height of Calle 136 and Carrera 91 in the Villa Elisa neighborhood, ‘out of nowhere’ came four Venezuelans to treat him badly, steal his cell phone and even his wallet and then take several shots at it.

The professional of the steering wheel, of Cauca origin, to protect himself, put one of its upper limbs to cover the head, a situation that saved him when a ‘pepazo’ reached his face.

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