Things You Should Know About Celina Graves: The Incredible ‘AGT’ Singer

Things You Should Know About Celina Graves: The Incredible ‘AGT’ Singer

Celina is one of ‘AGT’s most gifted hopefuls of season 15. The vocalist has wowed us since the time her first presentation. Celina will be making that big appearance again for the quarter-finals. 

Celina Graves has taken America’s Got Talent season 15 by storm. From her first performance, she has been one to watch. Celina will be singing indeed for the adjudicators and America’s vote during the Sept. 1 quarterfinals. The San Diego local has persisted through affliction and has just won everybody’s hearts. Anyway, who is Celina?

Let’s discuss the top 5 things that Celina’s fans must know. 

1. Celina staggered with her version of Shawn Mendes’ “Benevolence.” Celina played out a deep front of Shawn Mendes hit during her tryout. The appointed authorities adored her presentation. Simon Cowell said that Celina had a “gleam” about her and could see her going extremely far in the opposition. 

2. She’s a safety officer! She uncovered to the appointed authorities before her tryout that she works security for a club and is preparing to be in law authorization. 

3. She grew up around music. Her father has been in a band for as far back as she can recall. Celina began singing at 3 years of age. “I’ve generally longed for being a vocalist,” she said on AGT. 

4. She was tormented in secondary school. She would wear her sibling’s garments and dress like a kid. She said “individuals would ridicule me” and felt that being “fiery wasn’t right.” Celina conceded that the harassing caused a ton of “tension,” and she lost the certainty to turn into an artist. In the end, she got her certainty back and began making YouTube recordings at 16 years of age. Celina increased more than 6 million perspectives in a short measure of time. 

5. Celina used to be a stunning competitor. She prepared in an Olympic advancement program, her NBC bio says. She needed to make the USA group, yet she got harmed in a secondary school b-ball game.