This phone call that surprised Kate Middleton for her 40th birthday

This Sunday, January 9, Kate Middleton celebrated her 40th birthday. An anniversary that did not go unnoticed. Even in the cold, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wanted to wish their sister-in-law a happy birthday, as revealed by an expert from the royal family to the media Us Weekly.

This Sunday, January 9, Kate Middleton blew out her fortieth candle. If she received tender messages from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. She probably did not expect to receive a phone call from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As royal expert Christopher Andersen reveals to US Weekly: “The couple made a video call. Harry and Meghan wished them a happy birthday. It was very private”, he said.

If this exchange remained secret, the couple who now lives in California have not published a photo on social networks as they were able to do two years ago. Royal expert says Meghan and Harry publicly displayed affection for Kate Middleton on her 38th birthdaye anniversary in 2020, but in two years things have changed a lot in the British royal family. “This time, everything remained private”, says Christopher Andersen. Perhaps this gesture of sympathy will help ease the tensions between the two princely couples.

Kate ready to ease tensions?

Since Meghan and Harry decided to break with the British royal family, the atmosphere has not been good at the Windsors. Moreover, their interview with Oprah Winfrey did not help matters. However, Kate Middleton is ready to ease the tensions. According to another royal expert, Stewart Pearce, the two couples would be in regular contact thanks to new technologies. According to the latter, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are talking informally with Meghan and Harry. Stewart Pearce assures that Kate and William respect the new life of the Sussexes.

Although the dialogue seems to be renewed, there are still some feelings of anger in the head of prince William. Only time can mend his old wounds.

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