Three bodies were found floating on a well-known river

The bodies were found in the sectors known as Remolinos and La Playita on the Cauca River in Caldas.

The findings of lifeless bodies in the Cauca River, as it passes through the department of Caldas, continue to generate concern. Authorities initially reported the rescue of two corpses in the Remolinos sector, very close to towns such as Viterbo or La Virginia in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Belalcázar where the bodies lay in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the report delivered by the National Police in this department, these two corpses did not show signs of violence and were transported to the Forensic Medicine facilities for the respective technical inspection to establish the cause of their death and the full identification of the victims. bodies.

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In the last hours, and also in the Cauca riverbed as it passes through Belalcázar but in a sector known as La Playita Another body was found, this time with apparent signs of violence. And it is that according to the version of several lifeguards in the area, the body had three impacts with a firearm.

This last body found would correspond to that of Juan José Chávez Álvarez, uA 22-year-old young man who had been reported missing on January 3 in La Unión, Valle.

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These are the first discoveries of lifeless bodies during the year 2022, taking into account that between the months of September and October of last year the news of dozens of bodies that descended through El Cauca and that according to the authorities, at the time, do not correspond to violent events in CaldasIf not, they are bodies thrown into the river from departments such as El Valle del Cauca and Risaralda that descend through this region of the country.

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