Tighten your pocket: reveal list of foods that go up in price

It should be noted that from the group of vegetables and vegetables, the prices of cucumber, white big-headed onion, celery and green beans cargo rose.

In the case of the white big-headed onion, the lower presence of the product meant that the increase in the price would appear in 30 of the 31 markets where this product was traded. In Medellín the rise was 34.02%, offering the kilo at $ 977.

Regarding fresh fruits, for October compared to September, wholesale prices increased lulo, Tahiti and common lemons, passion fruit and papelillo avocado.

There was an increase in the price of lulo due to the low level of supply in different areas of the country. The price increase occurred in 36 of the 38 wholesale markets where it was offered. In Pereira, for example, the variation was 44.89% and the kilo was sold for $ 4,086

In the case of tubers, roots and bananas, wholesale prices of single, brown pastusa and superior potatoes increased, the hartón verde plantain and the yuccas criolla and ICA. The wholesale prices of the single potato increased, this time in the 23 markets where it was sold.


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