To jail degenerate who raped a young girl in 2017

The motorcyclist approached the pedestrian and intimidated her with a knife and then carnally entered her.

Due to events that occurred between October 7 and 8, 2017, when a young woman was approached by a motorcyclist who had sexually violated her and tried to steal, a prosecutor from the Comprehensive Attention Center for Victims of Sexual Abuse (Caivas) in Ibagué (Tolima), imputed charges and obtained an assurance measure against Elkin Alexander Chaguala Molina.

The man, who agreed to have committed the crimes of Aggravated qualified theft tempted in competition with violent carnal access with circumstances of greater and lesser punishment, He has a conviction in force for qualified and aggravated theft.

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The investigation was born as a result of the complaint of the victim, aged 22, who reports that at night she was passing through the area of ​​the Picaleña roundabout, in the Tolima capital, when she was approached by a man who was traveling on a motorcycle.

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