To return to the stadium you have to be a member or pay between ¢ 5,000 and ¢ 15,000

At last the wait was over; This weekend, Tico football fans will return to the stadiums, after 20 months absent, to support their teams in the final stretch of the 2021 Opening Tournament. Of course, those who plan to attend between Friday and Sunday must be members – in some cases- or pay between ¢ 5,000 and ¢ 15,000, in addition to complying with health protocols for covid-19.

Pérez Zeledón, San Carlos, Saprissa, Jicaral and Herediano will be the first to be local and have an audience, while Greece chose to continue behind closed doors, not having permission to make improvements to the infrastructure of its stronghold at this time, they explained .

In the case of the generals, they will receive Cartaginés on Friday (7 pm) and the leadership put 299 tickets on sale of the 368 that were authorized by the Government of the Republic (25% of the capacity of the properties in the first reopening phase). The price in sun is ¢ 5,000, in shade it is ¢ 7,000 and in seats it is ¢ 10,000. Tickets can only be purchased via WhatsApp, at the number 85906262.

For their part, the residents of San Carlos decided at the last minute to offer 200 sun spaces for ¢ 8,400 and they are obtained through Initially they wanted to give their 633 places to partners who kept canceling during the pandemic, but changed their minds to receive Santos, this Saturday (5 pm).

The purples will also see action on Saturday, when they face Sporting FC at 8pm, however, the only ones who will enter the Cave will be the members who are up to date. That is, there is no possibility of buying tickets, because this modality was not enabled and the 5,364 available spaces are for Monster subscribers.

The same goes for the Team, which on Sunday closes matchday 20 against Guanacasteca at the Colleya Fonseca (5 pm). The rojiamarillos will test a pilot plan to define if in final instances they remain in this scenario and if they open the offer to the general public.

It is important to remember that it is mandatory to have the complete vaccination schedule if you are of legal age, to attend any of these commitments. Beyond the fact that the QR code is not required, the respective card must be presented or show that the requirement is met with the EDUS system. The followers will be under the magnifying glass and the protocol will be strict regarding the use of a mask and distancing.

Jicaral with the highest price and challenge

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive matches of the date is that of Jicaral receiving Alajuelense (Sunday at 2 pm). Of course, it is the game in which the fans must spend the most money, since the entrance for any of the three enabled sectors costs ¢ 15,000.

Receiving one of the most media teams in the country and the high cost of logistics to comply with the protocols, led the Jicaraleña leadership to set these prices. And it is that they only have 300 spaces available, that is, that the maximum that they will collect at the box office is ¢ 4.5 million.

In addition to this, there is a particularity in the area and that they only sell tickets for, something that the people of the community are not used to, according to the president of the club, Roy Barrantes.

“The sale is slow, because many people here do not know how to buy through the digital ticket. We hope to sell all the tickets between now and Sunday. The organization costs increased a lot, both due to the pandemic, and because in the games against Alajuelense and Saprissa they ask us for double security and everything. Likewise, the tickets are for those who like to come, whether they are locals or visitors ”, explained Barrantes.

For this duel, handy followers organize transfers and there is great expectation on social networks.

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