To screw up! Blockades and clashes in Usme hinder mobility

For its part, Transmilenio reports operational news in its fleet on Carrera Décima, Portal de Usme and Avenida Caracas.

Tenth Race
The San Bernardo, Policarpa, Ciudad Jardín, Av. 1ra de Mayo, Country Sur, and Portal del 20 de Julio stations are enabled.

Caracas Sur
Power is enabled in the Usme Portal. Routes with a route along Av Caracas make a detour along Av. Boyacá.

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Trunk fleet makes returns on the 1st with Caracas and Calle 26 due to a displacement demonstration. HK54 service makes a detour through Calle 6 and NQS in both directions.

The rest of the System operates without news related to demonstrations.

Finally, the massive transportation system confirmed that the San Bernardo station was vandalized, as well as three articulated ones.

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