To the boat, two policemen involved in the murder of an indigenous

The officers are accused of beating the victim, to the point of leaving him with injuries that caused death.

a guarantee control judge, issued a security measure in a prison against a lieutenant and two police patrolmen, marked of assaulting an indigenous community member to death, in events recorded in June 2020 in the department of Nariño.

Its about Lieutenant of the National Police, Carlos José Salcedo Peñaloza, 26; and the patrolmen Jaime Alberto Alba Zuleta, 32 years old; and Ómar Eduardo Galindres Cortez, 23 years old, who are identified as alleged “co-perpetrators of aggravated homicide in a heterogeneous and successive contest, and unlawful deprivation of liberty,” charges to which they were not accepted.

The investigation being carried out by the Attorney General’s Office is related to the events that occurred on June 20, 2020 in the Pueblo Viejo neighborhood, in the municipality of Cumbal in the department of Nariño, where the defendants allegedly detained two people because apparently they were violating the mandatory isolation rule by Covid-19.

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The victim was identified as Ángel Daniel Revelo Regino, lobbyist for the Gran Cumbal indigenous reservation, who according to the authority’s report, resisted arrest, for which he was allegedly beaten, handcuffed and put on the radio patrol by the police. The indigenous man and the other man he was with were taken to the Cumbal Police Station.

“At the facilities, it is presumed that Revelo Regino He was physically attacked in different parts of his body by Lieutenant Salcedo, which caused him to fall and hit his head. Subsequently, the victim was taken to a reflection room where he remained in a delicate state of health until his friend requested urgent medical attention. It was evident that the victim could not stand up and was unconscious, for this reason she was transferred to the Cumbal health center and then to the Las Lajas Clinic in the Ipiales municipality, where he underwent surgery, remaining in intensive care until June 29 ”, says the statement from the prosecution.

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By injuries received the indigenous died as a result of a cranioencephalic trauma, indicates the report of the National Institute of Legal Medicine.

The police officers prosecuted They did not accept the charges and must be deprived of their liberty while the judicial process continues.

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