To the girl responsible for the murder of Pelao whose bicycle was stolen in Bogotá

The Mayor of Bogotá met with the family of Diego Cardozo, a young man killed in the south of Bogotá for stealing his bicycle.

The alleged murderer was identified as Aníbal Euclides Beroes Aguirre and is accused of the murder of Diego Alejandro Cardozo, a 25-year-old young man who, for stealing his cycle, was murdered among three men of foreign nationality who make up a criminal gang.

A judge with the function of guaranteeing control, imposed an assurance measure in a prison establishment in the last hours on this man. Likewise the gJanral Eliécer Camacho Jiménez Commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Area offered a reward of $ 20 million pesos for information that allows the capture of the other two criminals who participated in the murder.

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“The offer of up to $ 20 million pesos is maintained for those who provide us with information to achieve the capture of these two criminals who remain fugitives from justice and we will work with the Prosecutor’s Office to be able to have results soon, taking into account the routes, witnesses and sources, ”said General Eliécer Camacho Commander of the Metropolitan of Bogotá.

So far this year, 693 stolen bicycles have been recovered, the highest figure compared to 2020 with 660; Likewise, 756 people have been captured and prosecuted for this crime in 2021.

“Diego Cardozo was murdered for stealing a bicycle, he was with his family expressing my condolences, we wanted confirm that we are with them and we captured one of the three criminals who murdered Diego. It is inadmissible that because of the theft they end up killing a citizen, the gang that robbed Diego is of three people and they are foreign; one of them is 25 years old and was charged with theft and aggravated murder”, Said Claudia López, mayor of Bogotá.

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To combat the crime of bicycle theft that goes hand in hand with homicides, the mayor of Bogotá Claudia López released operational results in the last hours, where the police authorities in the middle of inspections in the town of Mártires sector La Estanzuela, found organizations that steal cell phones, bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles and dismantled two of the bands in the area known as “Los de la Sabana” and “Los de la Corte”.

Another five gangs were dismantled for theft of bicycles in Bogotá, their members, according to the president, are in jail, as well as they managed to recover in the last hours nine bicycles that were going to be sold in establishments Since they could not support sales with papers in order, the establishments were also closed.

41 businesses were verified, of which seven had preventive closures and four had their economic activity suspended, some of the recovered bicycles are already in the hands of their owners.

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