To the gray coach who allegedly committed acts of pedophilia with a minor under 13 years of age

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the personal trainer practiced therapeutic massages on the minor.

In operations carried out by the Attorney General’s Office, Julián Fernández Caro was prosecuted, allegedly responsible for performing lustful touching to a better than 13 years who he trained.

As reported by the entity, “the facts investigated under the coordination of a prosecutor from the Bogotá Sexual Crimes Unit, with the support of the Judicial Police – Sijín, occurred, during the month of May 2021, in a property located in the Modelia neighborhood of the town of Fontibón, where Fernández Caro worked”.

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Apparently, according to investigations, the defendant today took advantage of the moments of solitude with the minor and He practiced some therapeutic massages at that time apparently, he proceeded to touch the intimate parts of the little athlete.

“The person involved carried out his trainings in the town of Fontibón and opened precisely touching the minor inside a house, after her parents took her to this place due to back pain that did not allow her to perform exercises”Said Brigadier General Eliécer Camacho Jiménez.

The arrest warrant against this man became effective on October 29.

“The Office of the Prosecutor made an accusation for the crime of sexual acts With a minor under fourteen years aggravated in a homogeneous and successive contest, said charges were not accepted by the physical trainer”, They pointed out.

The 44 Municipal Criminal Judge with a guarantee control function, he imposed an assurance measure in a prison establishment.

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‘The surgeons’ drug trafficking organization

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office also announced the extinction of domain to alleged members of the drug trafficking organization ‘The surgeons’, made up of 10 people, who used women from different municipalities to transport cocaine on their breasts and thighs.

They highlighted that the probative material evidenced how the criminal network operating in Valle del Cauca would have made at least five shipments of narcotics to Madrid (Spain) in 2019 under the modality of human mail.

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