To the gray plastic surgeon for physically and psychologically abusing his ex-wife

In the testimonies that were presented during the trial it was evident that the surgeon repeatedly humiliated and insulted his wife, questioning her way of dressing and even calling her a witch. He also attacked the minor verbally and physically.

The designer’s parents testified at the trial and reviewed the change in attitude that Antonio had, whom they had known since childhood, and the constant attacks that he suffered during the time they were married.

These testimonies allowed inferring the psychological damage that he was causing by his constant humiliation and pressure so that he would stop working in his fashion store and be at home all the time.

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Several witnesses agreed that the Physical and psychological abuse were constant. The situation led to the designer being afraid of her spouse and living in a defenseless state.

The mistreatment went from the private to the public, since there were not a few cases in which he insulted her in restaurants, family gatherings or in public places. Because of this his family intervened to prevent a tragedy.

From the office of the lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella, defender of the designer, they indicated that in the ruling they found proven “the multiple acts of violence and abuse that Salgado carried out “against Giovanna Maroso” that constitute a sample of systematic violence and the sexist phenomenon “.