Touched by its story, dealership gives car to 16-year-old

A 16-year-old paid $ 9,800 in cash for a car that was later seized by its owner. Another dealer learned of the mischief and donated a car to him.

Jonathan, a 16-year-old boy who lives in Dallas, Texas, spent a year working at a fast food restaurant to save enough money to buy a car.

When his grandfather took him to a Fort Worth dealership, they didn’t see a car they liked there. However, the salesperson who helped them, a certain James, offered them his own car. Jonathan paid James $ 9,800 in cash for the vehicle.

Five months later, the car was towed to another dealership who said he had sold the car to James a few months earlier but stopped receiving payments.

While the dealership and James were trying to figure out who owned the car, Jonathan found himself without a car and without his hard-earned money.

I worked for about a year to save for this car“Jonathan told US media.”Most frustrating is the time I spent saving for it“.

Recently another car salesman saw Jonathan’s story and decided to help him. “After seeing the story on CBS Dallas, we knew we had to do something to take care of this kid and show him that not all the dealers are as sleazy as the one he had dealt with before. So we asked the news channel to put us in touch with him and after making contact we let him know that we would like to donate a vehicle to him for free.“said dealership marketing manager Aaron.

The dealership donated a car to Jonathan, making it easier for a teenager who had been treated unfairly.

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