Transport aid 2022: Find out how many TransMilenio tickets reach

Given the increase in the rate of the transport system, for this they reach 117,172 pesos of the transport subsidy for 2022.

The transportation subsidy in 2022 had an increase of 10,718 pesos, which meant that Colombians who earn up to two minimum wages now receive the amount of 117,172 pesos for this aid.

However, the increase in the TransMilenio rate has made many calculate if the subsidy is enough to cover the journeys that a worker must make during the month, taking into account that there are citizens who have working days from Monday to Saturday, in addition to who must make transfers in their day to day to get to their places of work.

Thus, to make calculations, it must be taken into account that the adjustment in the TransMilenio ticket was 150 pesos, which means that the The value of the ticket in the Trunk component now has a cost of 2,650 pesos, while the one of Zonal was 2,450 pesos.

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For how many TransMilenio tickets does the transportation subsidy reach?

In the event that a citizen has to mobilize in the Trunk component, the 117,172 pesos of the subsidy they would be enough for about 44 trips a month, taking into account that their working day is from Monday to Friday. However, if Saturdays are included in your working hours, part of the tickets would have to be paid for from your minimum wage.

For example, in the case of the month of March, which has 23 working days, the transportation assistance will not be enough for the worker to pay for the 46 journeys he must make if he works from Monday to Friday, since he would have to pay from his salary two passages. In the event that Saturdays are included in the citizen’s day, they will be 10 the tickets that you will have to pay in addition to the subsidy.

In the meantime, if you have not done the math yet, take into account the amount that you will have to set up monthly to move around the city.

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