Truck collision with two private cars leaves 300 dead chickens

The death of the short-flying birds occurred on the North Highway with Calle 127 in Bogotá.

A brutal clash between a truck type boxcar and two private cars, in an important road corridor in the north of the capital of the country, left about 300 chickens without life.

The tragic fact poultry, was presented in the hours of the night of last Tuesday, November 9 of this year 2021 in the North Freeway with Calle 127 in the south – north direction.

Witnesses say that a red cart, the driver of which was apparently eager, allegedly ran into the cargo cart That made him tilt abruptly.

Everything seems to indicate that the short-flying birds lost their existence and remained stiff, from the ‘so brave’ scare, after the brutal sucker.

Another ship that was going through the area, also ” raised the bundle ‘and suffered serious damage in their cans.

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