‘TV total’ presenter Sebastian Pufpaff: What is known about your private life, wife and children?

For 16 years “TV total” shaped an entire television generation and made Stefan Raab an absolute cult star. After a six-year break, a new edition of the format is now being presented. Instead of Raab, Sebastian Pufpaff is now sitting at his desk with the legendary nipple board. The AZ has taken the “TV total” newbie under the microscope.

From “RTL Shop” to “TV total”: This is how Sebastian Pufpaff started his career

Sebastian Pufpaff made his first TV appearance in 2004. While studying political science, he stood in front of the camera for the teleshopping broadcaster “RTL Shop” (now Channel 21) and presented the latest products. About his job at the time, he said in an interview in 2016 with “Bergischer messenger“:” At that time I was faced with the decision, either I have to drop out of my studies. Or I have to prostitute myself. “

“TV total” comeback with Sebastian Pufpaff: Is it worth switching on?


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What did Sebastian Pufpaff do in the past?

After completing his studies, Sebastian Pufpaff switched to comedy and cabaret. This was followed by engagements in the “Quatsch Comedy Club”, “Nightwash” and “nuhr im Erste”. He is also successful as a stage artist and presented with “Why!” (2011), “Auf Anfang” (2015) and “Wir nach” (2019) already have three solo programs.

Sebastian Pufpaff experienced one of his greatest successes to date with his program “Not yet shift”, for which he was awarded the Grimme Prize in 2021. Since November 10, 2021, he has presented the new edition of “TV total” on ProSieben.

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New “TV Total” presenter: is Sebastian Pufpaff his real name?

Even before the first “TV total” episode with Sebastian Pufpaff was broadcast, many viewers were wondering whether that was the real name of the cabaret artist. In fact, his name is Malte Sebastian Pufpaff.

Thomas Gottschalk and Karina Mroß confirmed their relationship in early 2019.

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About his unusual surname he explained in 2013 in an interview with “Westphalian news“:” Among our ancestors was a Hanseatic family who traded in black powder. The ‘puffing’ and ‘puffing’ actually come from that. “

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Sebastian Pufpaff’s private life: does the cabaret artist have a wife and children?

Little is known about Sebastian Pufpaff’s personal life. He is married to the urologist Julia Pufpaff. The couple has a daughter (* 2011) and a son (* 2014). The family lives in Bad Honnef (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Sebastian Pufpaff keeps his wife and children out of the public eye. There are no photos of his family on Instagram either. He only posts articles from his everyday professional life.


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