Two ‘chamos’ were captured when they were caught ‘choriando’ motorcycles

Motorcycle theft in Cartagena does not stop, so the authorities recommend motorcyclists to be very vigilant and Report any event that occurs, so that the jailers of these vehicles can be brought to justice that are highly desired, since in them they have the opportunity to escape easier.

Regarding this type of theft in the capital of Bolívar, the Metropolitan Police has released a new case. “Thanks to a timely call from the community to the emergency line 123, units of the National Model of Community Surveillance by quadrant of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, in the last hours they managed to deliver a forceful blow to the motorcycle jailers who commit crimes in the Santa Mónica neighborhood. “

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The Police detail that “It is about the capture of two foreigners of 24 and 26 years of age, who with a firearm intimidated their victim to strip her of a black motorcycle with a UKT-62F license plate, which was recovered and delivered to its owner by act “.

In the proceeding, a 22 mm caliber, industrial-made revolver-type firearm without ammunition was seized.. The two captured were left at the disposal of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and are pending preliminary hearings to resolve their legal situation.

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“The National Police in the city of Cartagena, maintains its firm commitment to act in a timely manner for the tranquility and peaceful coexistence of the inhabitants of the city. Any information regarding the presence of suspicious persons, the collaboration of the community is requested, so that they report to the emergency line 123, and 311-4072363, under absolute reserve and confidentiality “.