Two crooks are caught robbing a hospital warehouse in Bogotá

The ‘friends of others’ were captured by the police when computers were downloaded from the San Rafael Clinic in San Cristóbal Sur.

Two rascals Colombian nationality were seized by law enforcement officers, in the early hours of this Monday, November 22 of this year 2021, within a healthcare center in the south east of the country’s capital, in the middle of a robbery.

Colonel Álvaro Correa, inspection and surveillance officer of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police (Mebog) said in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that the two individuals attempted steal electronic items in a cellar of San Rafael Clinic University Hospital from Calle 17 Sur with Carrera Octava, San Cristóbal Sur town.

One of the guards of the giant property dedicated to the health of the bogotanos, heard strange sounds in one of the warehouses and called the Emergency Line 123 and to one of the telephone numbers of a nearby CAI to request reinforcements.

Security guards and patrolmen, with powerful flashlights, arrived at the winery and found two Creole types, including a ‘mechudo’ with his hair up, trying to escape with some laptops hidden inside a black plastic bag, valued at more than three million pesos.

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