Two dead parishioners left attack by hitmen

In the violent action, a woman died and another was injured.

A hit man attacked a man who was in a public establishment in the Las Américas neighborhood of the city of Cúcuta with a firearm.

In the violent action a man and a woman died, who consumed intoxicating drinks, at the time the murderer entered the place.

According to the authorities, another woman was injured, who was also hit by a firearm, and who was also at the scene.

So far the authors and causes of the violent attack are unknown. The authorities, after the inspection and removal of the body, compiled several security camera videos to initiate the investigations of this crime. The double homicide occurred 24 hours after the death of a 27-year-old man in the heart of the city.

In the last week, ten homicides were registered in Cúcuta and its metropolitan area. Most of the victims are people between the ages of 20 and 40.

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Faced with the homicides registered in recent days in Cúcuta, the authorities indicated that most of the victims have problems distribution of hallucinogens or have committed other crimes, and consider that it could be a settling of accounts.

Community leaders recognized the serious problem of micro-trafficking in the various sectors of Cúcuta, the distribution of hallucinogens in parks, on the outskirts of the schools and the territorial struggle of the gangs dedicated to the sale of various psychoactive substances.

Although other types of homicides have been committed, including victims of money or cell phone theft, but also for the non-payment of extortion by criminal gangs.

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