Two men were shot inside a private cart in Puente Aranda

The parishioners between 40 and 25 years of age died after the ‘rain of bullets’ from a motorized hit man in the La Asunción neighborhood.

Two men, in their 40s and 25s, were murdered in the night hours of last Thursday, January 13 of this year 2022, on a street in the west of the country’s capital.

Colonel Misael Quiroga, inspection and surveillance officer of the Bogota Metropolitan Police (Mebog) said in the La Cariñosa radio station 610 AM that the double crime occurred around 8:00 pm on Calle Primera C with Carrera 31 B in the La Asunción neighborhood town of Puente Aranda.

At that site, witnesses say, a man, who apparently was traveling on a motorcycle, surprised the crew of a private wine-colored Nissan car, shooting them point blank, to leave them lifeless inside the ship.

In the midst of the chaos, the hit man escaped from the place, while the two parishioners, who did not carry any documentation, remained lying down no vital signs one on the passenger seat and the other in the rear of the vehicle.

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