Unemployment Committee warns of new demonstrations in the country for next November 25

The mobilizations will take place in different areas of the country and it is said that they will be peaceful.

The National Unemployment Committee convened a new day of protests for this Thursday, November 25 in Colombia.

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Through a statement, they announced that the mobilizations will be carried out peacefully in the country and that seek to draw attention to four fundamental aspects.

The International Day of Non-Violence against Women, the commemoration of the second anniversary of the protests on November 21, 2019 and the celebration of the five years since the signing of the Peace Agreement, are the main objectives of the protest.

They pointed out that the demonstrations were fulfilled in November 2019, they were historic and indicated that they should be remembered and exalted.

“This Sunday two years have passed since the formidable mobilization and the successful strike called by the newly born National Unemployment Committee, against the neoliberal benefits of the Government of Iván Duque to lift false labor, pension and tax reforms, “they said in the statement.

Other causes of the mobilizations focus on the difficult conditions in which the officials of the Public Instruments offices find themselves, who recently carried out a strike that ended after 22 days and made several commitments with the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry.

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“We will also protest to demand solutions to the serious labor conflicts in the Notary and Registry, in the palm and coal sector, against the anti-worker policy of the multinationals and the very serious situation suffered by the peasants and producers of the field for imports and Free Trade Agreements, high costs of agricultural inputs, denial of rights, forced eradication and use of glyphosate ”, noted in the document.

Similarly, the National Unemployment Committee supported the 24-hour strike called by the Colombian Federation of Education Workers (Fecode), for Thursday, November 25, so the children and adolescents who study in public educational institutions will not have classes.


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