Unfaithful couple were hanged “for the honor of the deceived family”

The facts

The woman, who was deceived by her partner, had been having suspicions about infidelity, So after doing the respective follow-up, he managed to record it with his lover, and then deliver the videos as evidence to the police.

This evidence was overwhelming so that the Supreme Court will dictate sentence against the couple, condemning them to death for adultery.

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About the execution

As found in article 104 of the Penal Code, infidelity is a crime punishable by death by stoningHowever, there is the option that the convicted person may be executed by hanging.

The law also provides that the convicted person can avoid death if he receives a pardon from the affected party. In this case, the couple was initially forgiven by the deceived woman, but her father demanded the penalty in order to restore the honor of his family.