Unstoppable COVID: there were 128,402 new infections and the number of deaths rose

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Thursday, January 13 that, in the last 24 hours, were recorded 139 deaths, almost twice as much as yesterday, and 128,402 infections coronavirus: the third highest record of the entire pandemic. The record was recorded on Tuesday, January 11, when 134,439 cases were reported, 6,037 more than today.

Thus, the total number of infected since the start of the pandemic amounts to 6,793,119 and there are 117,808 victims. The registered positivity rate is 64.67%, six times more than what the WHO advises.

Due to the exponential increase in cases, especially in children between 3 and 11 years of age who did not complete their inoculation scheme, the Government resolved accelerate vaccination of the pediatric population. The details will be finalized next Wednesday, when the Ministries of Health and Education meet with the Argentine Society of Pediatrics (SAP), Unicef ​​and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), among other organizations.

“During the meeting we are going to work on several axes. First, we want to take advantage of the summer to accelerate vaccination in pediatrics, not only against COVID-19 but also that of other vaccines on the National Calendar, so that at the beginning of the school year we have a situation that is as favorable as possible,” he told Telam the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti.

Vizzotti explained that, Currently, 67% of girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 11 have started their vaccination schedule against COVID-19 in Argentina and 45% have completed it. “That is very good considering that we started in October and what we see is that it continues to increase, it has not stagnated at any time,” said the official.

In Argentina, 67% of girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 11 started their vaccination schedule against COVID-19 and 45% completed it (REUTERS/Agustín Marcarian)

According to Vizzotti, this impulse is not only aimed at the coronavirus but at the rest of the vaccines. As an example, he noted: “We are seeing outbreaks of measles in some countries of the world that we are very concerned about; one of those countries is Brazil, which is very close”. The fact: both the Calendar vaccines and those against COVID-19 can be administered together without any contraindication.

According to the latest update of Public Vaccination Monitor, the total number of inoculations applied amounts to 81,107,352, of which 38,844,737 correspond to the first dose, 33,774,088 to the second, 2,864,751 additional and 5,623,776 boosters, while the vaccines distributed to the jurisdictions reach 100,366,418.

Another of the objectives of next Wednesday’s meeting will be to work on the protocols in this new scenario, where the Omicron variant predominates. “Based on the review carried out together with the scientific societies, the Federal Health Council (Cofesa) and the Federal Education Council (CFE), the plan is to develop new recommendations for the next school year“, He said.

“There is a huge commitment from the Argentine Society of Pediatrics to support and spread vaccination against COVID-19 and to work in each province from its subsidiaries,” the minister said.

Carla Vizzotti said that pediatric vaccination is planned to be accelerated in the summer (Photo/Marcelo Capece)
Carla Vizzotti said that pediatric vaccination is planned to be accelerated in the summer (Photo/Marcelo Capece)

Last week, the Garrahan Pediatric Hospital reported that it had had to open a new ward for patients with coronavirus as a result of the sharp increase in cases that the country (and the world) is experiencing, driven by the Omicron variant.

“This week hospitalizations continued to increase. We currently have 63 children hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 and another 18 suspected cases awaiting confirmation.”, he pointed out today to Telam the head of the Garrahan Hospital Epidemiological Control and Infectology Service, Maria Rosa Bologna. The specialist indicated that of hospitalized pediatric patients, “only 30% have the complete vaccination schedule.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 158,103 girls and boys between 0 and 9 years old and 529,535 between 10 and 19 years old have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Argentina; while 309 children under 19 died, according to official information.


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