Very mature children … of forty-year-old mothers

The story of The soulless, a rehash of the successful Colombian telenovela The Lady of TroyIt has been a big hit in Mexico and the USA, because it has an excellent production, beautiful settings, scandalous actresses, romance, drama, sex and more … But who chose those young mothers for those mature children? It is true that now with surgeries, stretches and silicones, rich women look radiant, grandmothers no longer have wrinkles and fifty-year-olds look 30 like Thalía and JLo. Certainly in The soulless they got out of hand. There we have Marjorie de Sousa, who at 41 is the mother of Kimberly Dos Ramos who is almost 30. But those who did go were Marlene favela, who is 44 years old and her little boy José Ron has just turned 40 … Maybe if they were aged a little with makeup … But every day they want to look younger with extensions, nails and longer false eyelashes. In the soap opera Rafa (Ron) is supposed to be about 30 years old, but so well lived that he looks in his forties … to be credible, his mother should look like a 50-year-old Cuchi-Barbie.

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