Veteran got into a motel hot tub with a friend and ended up dead

The strange case occurred in one of the rooms of the residence located in the town of Kennedy in the south west of Bogotá.

A man of about 45 years of age, in the last hours, died inside the jacuzzi of a motel located in the Kennedy town in the south west of the capital of the country.

It was possible to establish, by stories given to law enforcement officials by the woman who accompanied the deceased today, that the couple entered the room to spend intimate moments, where after have a few drinks, man and friend got into the hot water of the tub.

The citizen says that she retired to lie in bed and watch television, but the lover remained in the room. small pool.

The minutes passed and the man ‘nothing came out’, a situation that surprised the lady, who when entering to see what was happening, found her partner in the water no vital signs.

The case was brought to the attention of waiters and the business administrator, who contacted the Emergency Line 123 to report the unfortunate situation.

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