Vicente Fernández: Pablo Montero will also play “Chente” in a Televisa bioseries, according to magazine

Although it has not been officially confirmed that the singer and actor Pablo Montero would be responsible for interpreting Vicente Fernandez, in the series that Televisa would be working on; Magazine TVNotas highlights that the first tests of this production have already started.

According to its publication, the magazine shares an interview with a person close to Pablo Montero, who apparently was selected by Juan Osorio’s new production to give life to Vicente Fernández, although it is unknown if this project has the authorization of the family Fernández to narrate the life of “El Charro de Huentitán”, who passed away on December 12, 2021, after four months of being hospitalized and being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, after a fall suffered on his ranch and which was the main reason for referring him to the hospital.

Pablo Montero has not shared anything regarding this project through his social networks, however, in the magazine’s publication, photographs are shared that allude to the characterization that Montero is having for the tests and thus determine the date on which they would begin. the recordings.

It transcends that this new Televisa project could have a series format through chapters, however, it is not known how the narrative line of the plot will be, if the story will address from the childhood of “Chente” or if he will start in his most adult stage and already immersed in the world of music.

Vicente Fernández: Netflix is ​​also preparing a bioseries

During 2021, the Colombian television station Caracol confirmed that it is working on a series authorized by the Fernández family to narrate the life of the “Charro de Huentitán”, a production in which the Netflix streaming platform also intervenes, contemplating 36 chapters with locations in Mexico and the United States. .

According to the announcement that Caracol made, this bioseries has been working since 2019, when Vicente Fernández himself would have given the green light to undertake this project.

For the production that Netflix works, the actor Jaime Camil is the one chosen to give life to “Chente”, information that was corroborated by the same actor through his social networks, by sharing a publication subtly characterized by “Charro” and pointing out the great honor and challenge that this interpretation will mean in his career , by also confessing as a great fan of the singer.

Jaime Camil is chosen to give life to “Chente” for the Netflix platform



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