Video: a union leader was shot at the door of his house in Lanús

The general secretary of the Guincheros Union, Roberto Coria, suffered a gunshot attack this morning at the door of his house in Lanús. One of the shots hit his body and he was taken to Hospital Evita. According to police sources consulted by Infobae, the 67-year-old leader is out of danger. The brutal event was recorded by a security camera.

The bullet impact, according to the first information, was registered in the left inguinal area and after receiving the shot, Coria remained conscious. It all happened when the man went to the gate of his house this morning to open it and get his private car. Then, “A male appears and without a word fired shots and fled”, detailed sources consulted.

“He was injured, but he is out of danger. He summoned the affiliates “to go to the polls and vote en masse.” The union renews its authorities tomorrow “, specified the portal Guild Info about the fact that it is investigated by the UFI N ° 6 of Lanús.

As recorded in the video, a few minutes after 8 in the morning and while Coria was outside his house, a hooded man dressed in a blue jumpsuit approached the sidewalk and shot the union leader several times. in an attack that lasted about four seconds.

According to the first details in the framework of the investigation, the aggressor mobilized in a Volkswagen Gol Trend car and after shooting Coria he fled thanks to the help of an accomplice, who helped him to board a Dominar 400 motorcycle of green color in which both escaped. Through the cameras of the Municipality of Lanús, shortly afterwards the motorcycle was found and seized at the intersection of Catamarca and Tejedor streets, in the Buenos Aires province of Lanús.

The motorcycle kidnapped by the Police and in which the attacker escaped with his accomplice in Lanús


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