VIDEO: Andrea Escalona makes a strong tantrum against Tania Rincón live and unleashes criticism on the network

Andrea Escalona became a topic of conversation once again after starring in a strong tantrum during the dynamic “Pass it to the blackboard” of the Hoy program, which unleashed harsh criticism on the network.

It all started when Andrea faced off against Tania Rincón and from the first moment she did not want to abide by the rules by having some plastic cups before time, then she got upset when they asked her to leave them on the table.

Her annoyance was even greater when Rincón held her by the shoulders for a few seconds so that she could not continue with the dynamics, a fact that bothered the driver so much that she ended up starring in a shameful scene.

At the end of the stipulated time, when Andrea turned to see what her partner wrote, she was so upset that she threw a marker that is part of the dynamic to the floor, so her colleagues were surprised and made fun of the tantrum, ensuring that her behavior was “unsportsmanlike.”