VIDEO: Anette Cuburu is humiliated in the middle of the live program of Venga la Alegría

Venga la Alegría always gives something to talk about on social networks, and in recent days, he did it again when in the middle of the live program Anette Cuburu was humiliated by one of his companions.

In an old interview for the section En sus Batallas, the native of Mexicali, Baja California, confessed that she was banned from all television stations after separating from the important director of Televisa and that she also suffered the rejection of her own friends.

“I was banned from all television stations, the ones you tell me, theater, where I stopped. There was an order that they didn’t give me a job. I don’t wish it on anyone … People who came to my house took the call, who carried my children … I lost a lot of faith in people, it’s incredible, “he said through tears.

In recent days, the director of Human Resources Margarita Mckenzie, who is interpreted by “El Capi” Pérez, exhibited “Güera” for her bad experience in love and it is that she reminded her partner that she has been alone for a long time and asked that someone be found