[Video] Biker was saved from a fatal accident, after a tent fell on him

[Video] Biker was saved from a fatal accident, after a tent fell on him

[Video] Biker was saved from a fatal accident, after a tent fell on him
Sat, 11/06/2021 – 19:28


Motorcycle accidents are becoming more frequent in the world, since it is a light vehicle to drive. People they always tend to exceed speed limits, which causes you to lose control of the motorcycle and receive strong blows, either from the falls or maybe some crashed against some objects or other vehicles.

However, concern is growing, as the mortality rate in these types of claims has risen to a 54 %. The majority of claims are presented due to recklessness on the road, and only a small percentage with the fault of third parties.

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In the last hours, a video captured by the passenger of a vehicle has caused a commotion, where it is seen how lucky he was a motorcyclist and his partner as they were speeding down a wide highway, and a fortuitous accident it almost cost them their lives.

There you can see, how while trying to dodge some vehicles, and they are located behind a truck this is cae the tent that covers the platter at the back. This tent immediately blocks the visibility of the driver, who tries to reactivate his vision, while heading to a pack mule.

Moments later, it is shown how the motorcyclist manages to react, impacting the side of this large vehicle, and they both fall sliding down the asphalt.

Finally, without apparently suffering serious injuries, both people who were on the motorcycle, they manage to stand up, and grab the cloth that made them fall, to be able to strip her of her motorcycle, to the amazement of what happened.

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Internet users reacted on social networks, and were very terrified by the luck that these two people had and with comments such as “they were saved by luck”, “it was definitely not their turn”, and “a second chance to live”, showed their reaction to this fact, that its origin is still unknown.