[VIDEO]: Hook it up and get it out! catch the ‘piolo’ of Cuadrado for the victory of Juventus

[VIDEO]: Hook it up and get it out!  catch the ‘piolo’ of Cuadrado for the victory of Juventus

The ‘Vecchia Signora’ got an important victory at the last minute.

In a totally complicated game, Juventus got a 1-0 home win against Fiorentina, with a goal from Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. The Colombian was a substitute for the Italian team, but he managed to enter and change the face of the Bianconero team, who kept the three points.

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Although Square has not been undisputed in the last games of ‘Juve’, Merry Deep down he knows how much the Colombian can give, to the point that he gave him freedom in his extreme position to face, dribble and shoot at the left stick of the ‘Fiore’ goalkeeper, who failed to avoid the goal against.

The midfielder and side of the ‘Tricolor’ felt comfortable on the field, wanting to contribute his talent to Juventus and decided well on the field. He did dribbling and unbalance movements in moments keys of the game that allowed to generate a great advantage for Juventus.

This performance of the ‘coffee grower’ is great news for the Colombian National Team, because despite not having a good time the Necoclí footballer, he will be able to arrive with air in his shirt for the two games against Brazil and Paraguay by South American qualifying. Keep in mind that Square He is one of the captains of the team, his presence is key in Colombian football and is characterized by being a versatile player who can shine in various positions on the pitch.

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