[VIDEO] Player who began to convulse took a goal from James Rodríguez

[VIDEO] Player who began to convulse took a goal from James Rodríguez

Ousmane Coulibaly fell to the ground at the end of the first half.

A game action that almost ended in a goal from James Rodriguez, had the scare starring the defender Ousmane Coulibaly, who fell suddenly collapsed at the end of the first half.

During the match between Al Rayyan y el Al Wakrah, the Colombian player had the opportunity to score the second goal for his team with a shot over the goalkeeper.

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Although the ball was deflected above the horizontal, Coulibaly, who tried to prevent James Rodríguez’s goal, slumped over the arc line, unleashing the concern of everyone present in the stadium, since He was seen to convulse.

The player received immediate medical attention and the Qatari press assured that the defender is well after being treated in an emergency.

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As for the match, James Rodríguez was the protagonist with the pass he made at minute 19 for Al Rayyan’s goal. The offensive midfielder has been decisive with his assists during the last matches of his club in Qatar.


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