VIDEO: This is the reason why Laura G did “abandon” Venga la Alegría

For several weeks there have been rumors of the supposed departure of Laura G from Venga la Alegría to go with the competition and this has intensified after the driver was absent from the morning last Monday.

However, it seems that G finally decided to leave the forums of the Ajusco television station and it is that through his Instagram account, the program shared an image showing the cast made up of Horacio Villalobos, El Capi Pérez, Cynthia Rodríguez , Sergio Sepúlveda, Anette Cuburu, Pato Borghetti and Penélope Menchaca and in the publication Laura G is the great absentee.

It was before her thousands of Instagram followers that the Monterrey woman shared a story where she reported that in effect she would no longer be the host of “VLA”, as she has an important commitment to Exatlón México.