Viral: Cast of “Pandemonium” unleashes paranormal activity in full recording

In Misnébalan, an uninhabited Yucatecan town, there is an altar dedicated to Julian, a boy who committed suicide there half a century ago, so there are candles and sweets that accompany it.

Well to the production of the film “Pandemonium”, directed by Emmanuel Panizzo, it occurred to him to remove the candy for a sequence and something got mad at them.

“When the actor passed by with the camera, the candle suddenly exploded for no reason, out of nowhere. You can see how the camera makes a movement because it surprised everyone and, in the end, that scene was left in the final edition”, the director says.

“Pandemonium” form part of the 2021 edition of the Feratum International Fantasy, Horror and SCI-FI Film Festival, This time it is a hybrid with face-to-face functions in Páztcuaro, Michoacán, but with almost all the programming on the FilminLatino platform for free.

Tavo del Valle, Lorena Barrera, Esteban Uscanga, Eva Pérez del Alto and Víctor Jiménez tell this story of a group of friends traveling to an abandoned island, to know the truth of a video where you see how several people inexplicably disappear.


It is a horror film that uses the found footage, a resource in which the characters capture what is happening with their own cameras. The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity are the best known feature films in the world.

“On another occasion, a large man appeared from behind to the crew in a wooded area, where there was no access, the joke is that they turned and there was no one and could not leave, they ran scared to tell what they had Some people say that things are invented, really not, “recalls Panizzo.

It was filmed between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 in locations in Mexico City, Yucatán and Tabasco, with a budget of about 800 thousand pesos, 25 part of an average national production, and almost thirty people.

“In part it is a Tribute to this genre that I like a lot and the found footage allowed us to save money, get the history of the capital and be able to go to various towns to do it, “he says.

Misnébalan is such a powerful ghost town, with church, that in addition to the incident at the altar, one of the girl actresses and her mother began to scream one night because of the breathable environment.

And it will remain in everyone’s memory.



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