Viral: Granny discovers how Alexa works and moves users

TikTok It has become a platform where people can find a wide variety of content, from the informative, through various tutorials on how to do certain things, to the most popular comedy.

However, it is also possible to find short films that move more than one person due to their simplicity or the message they convey.

This is the case of a tender granny who conquered TikTok after a video was shared showing her tender reaction to discovering how her new Echo Dot smart speaker works with the Alexa assistant, whom she kindly asks to play Agustin Lara songs.

It was the tiktoker @jugando090 who shared the short in which his grandmother asks the device to listen to songs from “Flaco de Oro” moment that quickly went viral by stealing the hearts of Internet users.

“Alexa play music by Agustín Lara please”, the woman is heard. After Alexa replies: “Randomly playing music by Agustín Lara on Amazon Music” and plays a piece by the composer from Veracruz, the grandmother added excitedly: “How wonderful, how wonderful is this, what is the name of this device, what is it called mi´jito”.

The tender moment quickly became a trend on TikTok, being listed by many users as one of the best videos you can see on the short video platform.

Such has been its impact, that so far the tender clip already has more than 33 thousand “Like”, more than three thousand comments, more than 15 thousand shares and more than two million reproductions.

After the video was published, TikTok users were left “delighted” with the sweetness of granny, so they wrote thousands of comments about it.

“EVERYONE buy an Alexa for your grandparents, PLEASE, I love you so much granny who asks Alexa for things please, Please, It doesn’t happen to them, Please, Simply the best TikTok video, I love her, I want to hug her, When we will learn that it is not the generation or that, but the education with which we were educated from home, the time influences but not enough, I almost cried “, are some of the comments that can be read in the video.

It should be noted that this video had previously been uploaded on social networks, specifically on Twitter in 2020.

The publication was made on December 26 of that year, and quickly reached, in a span of three days, more than 28,000 “I like it”, more than 27,000 retweets and more than a thousand comments.

Just like on TikTok, the post had a lot of positive comments:

“May God bless her and take care of that beautiful generation”said one user.

“I gave my dad his two years ago and, in this pandemic, how he has taken advantage of it,” said another user.



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