Viral: Is Maite Perroni pregnant? The actress and singer clears up rumors

Just a month after the romance between actress Maite Perroni and television producer Andrés Tovar was confirmed, It has been announced that the exRBD is pregnant and that, even, you can already see her belly. This news left her millions of fans shocked, who did not expect that the actress is already enjoying motherhood.

The news was released by journalist Jorge Carbajal, who assured that Maite wanted to sell this exclusive to a magazine with national circulation.

“When I told them that Andrés Tovar had traveled to Spain and that he had even ‘thrown out’ ‘Sale el sol’ and that is why the program was falling, he went to see Maite Perroni and said ‘what do you think, what Do you think, I think … ‘, and at that time they were both very concerned because at that time it was not convenient and, fortunately, at that time in Spain it was only a substitute. But now that they are already a couple, well, “, featured on his YouTube show.


After this rumor was made known, widely commented on social networks, Maite Perroni raised her voice and clarified to the media whether she is pregnant or not.

“It is news that, the day it is true, I will be the first to want to share it with all of you with great emotion,” said the singer also when asked if it was true that she was pregnant. “When that happens I will be more than happy to say it, but I think this, once again, is proof that so many things are communicated without knowing what is true”added.


In her meeting with journalists, the actress and singer not only denied the alleged pregnancy, but also clarified that He also has no plans to sell the news to a publication as mentioned.. “No, look at it, and you will see that it is not like that,” he declared.




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