Viral: They spend more than 300 thousand pesos in a bar in Zapopan and video becomes a trend on TikTok

It is normal to party from time to time and spend a little on drinks and entertainment with friends, however, a group of young people spent a little while consuming more than 300 thousand pesos in a bar in Zapopan, Jalisco.

Was the user of TikTok @lauuraaguirreh (Laura Agurre) who shared a video on the platform where it is seen that supposedly the bill in a bar is for 333 thousand 840 pesos, for consuming dozens of bottles and drinks that he shows in his short video. “I just went out to dinner,” Laura wrote in her TikTok video.

In the footage, he also added an audio that says: “Everything is ‘jiji’, ‘haha’, until the bill arrives”, At the same time that young people are heard trying to divide the bill.

So far the TikTok video has achieved more than 480 thousand “likes”, almost 4 million views and thousands of comments: “Not even that cost my house” and “I give my powerful 20 pesos,” it reads.



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