“Waiting for Maria” .. Women awaiting the death penalty | Gulf newspaper

“Waiting for Maria” is a novel by the Nigerian “Ephiuma Shinoba” born in 1960, and it came after her two novels “Human Flesh Traders” and “Without Fear,” which were translated into Arabic by the National Center for Translation in Cairo.

Translated by Sabri Hassan, “Waiting for Maria”, whose subject is it

About the cost of those sentenced to death, and the government is concerned about the execution of death sentences issued in recent years, because there is no executioner, and the vacant job of the executioner will be announced, and the execution will be expedited, for the sake of blocking the back doors, and for the sake of saving expenses, one executioner will be assigned By passing through prisons, and carrying out sentences in the shortest possible time, according to the schedule.

“Waiting for Maria” is a terrible tale of women on death row, but they do not want to die, this is the appearance of the novel, but the jury of the Nigerian Writers Association awarded the novel its grand prize.

There are 3 levels of language in this novel: The first is the poetic language in some romantic scenes, and the critical dry language in prison scenes. Efiuma excelled in its use by newspaper reporters who dealt with the issue of revealing the hidden in many actions of a member of Parliament.


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