“We are going to disobey” Police are looking for those responsible for video inciting the “burning of Bogotá”

International inciters would have oriented organizations in Colombia to the massive ‘colatón’ and the damage to the Transmilenio buses.

The director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, assured that they are already carrying out the pertinent investigations to locate, capture and prosecute to the people who are inviting a burning of the city ​​of Bogota and generate public order chaos.

The decision comes after it recently appeared on a video members of the ‘front line’, receiving guidance from international organizations to carry out a massive ‘colatón’ in Transmilenio (enter the system without paying the ticket).

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According to the senior official, a special team continues to bring to justice people who commit crimes against public property and to citizenship.

“We continue with the judicialization of these so-called lines, some of which are directly related to the ELN and the FARC. There are more than 250 captures of these people who have been financed and who have direct support from the ELN“, he claimed.

Vargas added that “the crimes that have been charged are terrorism, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit a crime and others related to damage to public and private property and attack on a public servant”.

The authorities indicated that, in the midst of the disturbances registered in the country, a total of 600 Transmilenio buses were affected during the year 2021, 16 cameras of the mass transportation system were damaged, 287 actions were recorded to damage Transmilenio stations and 126 buses from different transportation systems were affected in the country.

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The Metropolitan Police of Bogotá and the Dijin he has been instructed to meet with the Attorney General and verify if in this call, most likely, we can find instigation to the crime and some other call for the violence and proceed to the identification and individualization of the people, according to the infractions to the penal code”, General Vargas pointed out.

One of the supposed members of the first line assured in the video that “throughout the week we are going to sneak, we are going to evade, we are going to disobey and if it has to burn and burst this city of m…”.


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