‘Wetten, dass ..?’, ‘Supertalent’ and ‘Masked Singer’: Gottschalk with mega odds

Three entertainment programs competed for the best rate on Saturday evening. The clear winner: Thomas Gottschalk with “Wetten, dass …?”.

Gottschalk wins with “Wetten, dass ..?” – Comeback with the general public

An incredible 13.8 million people tuned into ZDF on Saturday evening. “Bet that…?” achieved a market share of 45.7 percent. And the 14- to 49-year-olds also went very well: 4.34 million people (50.2 percent) watched the Saturday evening show.

Ten years after he left “Wetten dass ..?” entertainer Thomas Gottschalk had one more time for the big ZDF break – with all the trimmings. Celebrity sponsors on the famous couch, brave candidates with more or less crazy bets, music stars on stage and Michelle Hunziker at Gottschalk’s side: the show turned out to be a party with retro charm.

What were the odds of “Wetten, dass ..?” previously?

The highest ratings for “Wetten, dass ..?” was measured on February 9, 1985. At that time, 23.42 million people tuned in to the show hosted by Frank Elstner.

Gottschalk was able to generate a double-digit million number for many years to come, but from the 2008/09 season only 9.97 million switched on. From 2007 onwards, market shares over 40 percent became increasingly rare. On December 3, 2011, Gottschalk presented his last, regular “Wetten, dass ..?” Issue. His farewell show was seen by 14.73 million (46 percent).

Under moderator Markus Lanz, the TV show set a minus record on October 4, 2014 with 5.48 million viewers. The market share was only 19.8 percent.

“The Masked Singer” has no chance against ZDF and “Wetten, dass ..?”?

ProSieben also relied on the hit show “The Masked Singer” on Saturday. In terms of the total audience, the show reached 2.2 million viewers. An impressive quota, which only gave the private broadcaster a disappointing 7.1 percent market share on this Saturday evening, which was dominated by ZDF.

In “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identity behind opulent costumes. Only gradually are they unmasked. Samuel Koch (phoenix), Peter Kraus (skunk), Jens Riewa (chili), Pierre Littbarski (hammerhead shark) have already been exposed.

“Bet that..?” with Thomas Gottschalk: Markus Söder cancels due to Corona


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Which celebrities are under the costumes of "The Masked Singer"?

Breakup at The Masked Singer: Who’s out?


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Quota low: “Supertalent” interests less and less TV viewers

At RTL you should be disappointed on Sunday morning. The “super talent” did not even make it into the top 25 on Saturday evening this week after the ratings were already weak recently.

The odds at a glance

Total audience from 3 years:

“Bet that …?”: 13.8 million
“The Masked Singer”: 2,2 Millionen

Target group 14 to 49 year olds:

“Bet that …?”: 4.34 million
“The Masked Singer”: 1,12 Millionen


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