‘Wetten, dass ..?’, ‘Supertalent’ and ‘Masked Singer’: who will get the best odds?

Exciting show fight! Which broadcaster can attract the most TV viewers to the screens? Three entertainment programs will be broadcast against each other this Saturday evening.

Audience ratings (also) determine the success of the show

Ten years after he left “Wetten dass ..?” invites entertainer Thomas Gottschalk once again to the big ZDF break – with all the trimmings. Celebrity sponsors on the famous couch, brave candidates with more or less crazy bets, music stars on stage and Michelle Hunziker at Gottschalk’s side: the show should be a party with retro charm.

Is Thomas Gottschalk getting a mega-quota with the “Wetten, dass ..?” Comeback?

In any case, he will not play cool, the moderator recently announced. A good mood, brisk sayings and relaxed chat are part of the 71-year-old anyway. Among the guests are the ABBA stars Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, Schlager Queen Helene Fischer, rocker Udo Lindenberg and the TV duo Joko & Klaas.

Will ProSieben win with “The Masked Singer” against ZDF and “Wetten, dass ..?”?

ProSieben also counts on the hit show “The Masked Singer” on Saturday. TV experts assume that the fourth show of the current fall season can convince an audience of millions to tune in. In “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identity behind opulent costumes. Only gradually are they unmasked. Peter Kraus (skunk), Jens Riewa (chili) and Pierre Littbarski (hammerhead shark) have already been exposed.

“Bet that..?” with Thomas Gottschalk: Markus Söder cancels due to Corona


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Which celebrities are under the costumes of "The Masked Singer"?

Breakup at The Masked Singer: Who’s out?


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Quota low: “Supertalent” is less interested in TV viewers this year than in 2020

Can the “super talent” at least maintain its (low) number level or does it experience a historic drop in ratings against the strong show competition? On Sunday morning, RTL will look forward to the latest viewer numbers. The new “Supertalent” season brought many innovations with it. The most striking was certainly the completely new jury, in which Dieter Bohlen had ruled for years. Bohlen is history now. Instead, the fashion designer Michael Michalsky, the Dutch TV presenter Chantal Janzen and the Ehrlich Brothers are the bigger constants. The show magician duo got the permanent jury place after Podolski’s failure was certain. In addition, changing guests sit at the lectern to give their opinions on the talents. Among them are dancer Motsi Mabuse, “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” presenter Andrea Kiewel, comedian Kaya Yanar and entertainer Riccardo Simonetti. The moderators Lola Weippert and Chris Tall are also new.


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