‘Wetten, dass ..?’: What Helene Fischer’s TV cameras did not show

Thomas Gottschalk has lit the TV campfire again. Almost 14 million viewers watched the relaunched show. The revival came out like a classic show; without any nostalgic retrospectives. The 71-year-old old master demonstrated: “I can still do it!”

Helene Fischer showed in “Wetten, dass ..?” her baby bump

When Thomas Gottschalk calls, the really big stars come. Already at 8:40 p.m., hit star Helene Fischer was on the hastily rebuilt “Wetten, dass ..?” Stage. In a refined white blazer with a neckline and a skin-tight turtleneck sweater, the 37-year-old performed her song “Zero on 100” before it went to talk on the most famous TV sofa in the republic. Pregnant Helene didn’t talk out of her sewing box; she wants to protect her baby and her family. But how touched Helene Fischer was, you could see again and again in her moist eyes.

In the audience sat Helene Fischer’s parents – and also Gottschalk’s friend Karina

For spiritual support, Helene Fischer brought her partner Thomas Seitel with her to Nuremberg. The shy acrobat preferred to hide behind the stage. “A really cool, personable fellow”, attested Gottschalk. Helene’s parents had also come and were in the audience – as were Thomas Gottschalk’s girlfriend Karina Mross and his sister Raphaela Ackermann.

After Helene Fischer’s appearance, the make-up artists moved in

What the cameras did not show: At the Abba one player, two women rushed out of the mask to Helene Fischer. After their wild live performance, they tugged their hair again and powdered their shiny skin. Because: just a few minutes later, Fischer made a spontaneous appearance with the two Abba men.

The fact that Gottschalk’s co-presenter Michelle Hunziker and Helene Fischer get along very well was particularly evident when both stars felt unobserved. While the TV audience was able to marvel at the darts bet with Abba as a sponsor, the two ladies chatted animatedly on the sofa. The mood was great, Michelle kept laughing (softly).

Helene Fischer cleared up the mess around the swapped water glasses

Helene was also concerned that every star drinks from their own water glass. The order of the glasses got mixed up during Gottschalk’s Abba-Talk. Helene rearranged the order, found her glass again, and took a long sip.

Helene Fischer secretly left the studio

When a medley from the Disney musical “Frozen” was presented at around 9:50 pm, Helene Fischer rushed off. The 37-year-old quickly flitted past the eyes of the TV audience. She disappeared behind the stage and missed the appearance of the actresses from “Anna” and “Elsa”. Was there a kiss for Thomas Seitel too? After the musical performance, the pop singer radiated from the couch again. The TV audience did not notice her brief abstinence.

Helene Fischer did not have to catch a flight and stayed until the end of the mega show. The shy musician also got along brilliantly with Joko & Klaas, especially Joko Winterscheidt charmed the pregnant 37-year-old. Did he want to – and could – convince her to appear on his show?

Wow statement! Thomas Gottschalk on Helene Fischer’s friend Thomas


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Can Thomas Gottschalk moderate further “Wetten, dass ..?” Issues?

What gives many TV viewers hope: At the end of the live show, ZDF program director Norbert Himmler also joined the stars and repeatedly sought to get close to Thomas Gottschalk. He congratulated him on the broadcast. Perhaps both of them have already agreed for a further conversation on the continuation of “Wetten, dass ..?” have an appointment!?


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