What do the former members of RBD think about the new version of Rebelde on Netflix?

The new version of the successful telenovela Rebelde already causes a stir among Netflix subscribers, and now it is known what the opinion of the actors who were part of RBD is.

Undoubtedly, one of those who had the most impact with his comments was Poncho Herrera. The talented actor shared a Netflix post on Twitter and wrote: “All the success in the world! Council, check your contracts well “, thus reviving the version that Mexicans did not get what they deserved when they were part of Televisa’s production.

Dulce María, for her part, said that the fans of the traditional Rebelde are “very jealous” of the music that they created and for that reason he thinks that they will not be very in agreement with the new arrangements. However, he asked that the new cast be respected, adding: “I liked seeing him and thinking that I was there so long ago.”

Anahí and Christian Chávez (who played Mia and Giovanni) did not speak about the issue but decided to share on Instagram old photos of when they were in the shoes of those endearing characters and with this they made it clear that the premiere of the remake did not go unnoticed by them .


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