Where are the muscles? Miguel Varoni worries about his appearance

The actor aroused comments among his followers for his current physical appearance.

Miguel Varoni caused a sensation on social networks after his recent appearance on television, during an interview he gave. The actor had stayed away from the media, dedicating his life and professional career to being behind major productions and projects for international networks such as Telemundo.

Currently, the Colombian is serves as creative vice president of Telemundo studios, where he participates in all the construction of works and stories of this important company. After moving away from the screens and taking his life to the United States, the celebrity managed to make a different mark than what he created when he began as an actor.

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Nevertheless, Varoni worried his fans after appearing on Noticias Telemundo, where he spoke a little about the situation that actor Alec Baldwin is experiencing, responsible for accidentally killing a film partner.

In the middle of the dialogue, more than one Internet user and social network user noticed the physical change that the Colombian has had, so they began to think, and comment, that he was sick. The loss of muscle mass made several were surprised and assured that he was “emaciated” and different from the muscular man of before.

The transformation that the actor’s image had aroused comments and rumors from those who point out that this appearance that he retains is not normal. Some pointed out that Being gray, thin and without his usual body mass, Miguel looked completely changed.

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“I was surprised with Varoni”, “I was impressed with his change, I hope he is in good health”, “Almost nobody paid attention to the subject, it is Varoni and his appearance that completely distracted us”, “He is super changed”, ” God, it doesn’t look like Miguel Varoni, he’s emaciated ”, among other comments.


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