Who are the audience of the prose poem? | Gulf newspaper

At a time when statements made by some have become popular in the cultural arena, such as that we are living in the stage of the rise of the novel and the decline of poetry, the question that these statements impose, here, for example, can only ask: What about the audience of the prose poem? Where is their position in the audience map? Poetry in general, the vertical and the activation, and also how they can be viewed in light of other sayings that go to the weak turnout on the stage and poor reading rates..etc. The question of the audience in Arab culture is critical due to the absence of studies dedicated to this, and it is difficult to identify them in the era of high-tech and modern communication sites, and the problem in the case of the prose poem is complex, due to its lack of the feature of the pulpit, and the paradox is that it cannot be judged simply if the audience of this poem is in decline. Or an increase, as it seems that a result like this requires getting to know the features of the audience first, and it seems that the successive social changes we are experiencing are asking us to try to approach the audience of culture as a whole to know their characteristics and trends.


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