Who is Jhonier Leal, the accused murderer of Mauricio Leal and his mother?

Jhonier had started a business in 2019, which due to the pandemic went bankrupt.

This Friday night, CTI agents from the Attorney General’s Office they captured Jhonier Leal, as allegedly responsible for the murder of his brother, the stylist Maurice Leal, and his mother Marlene Hernandez.

However, few know who this is. 49 year old man and why he is accused of being the main suspect in the double homicide.

The newspaper Time revealed that he was Jhonier He had started a business in 2019, which due to the pandemic went bankrupt.

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The alleged murderer is the oldest of the brothers and was born in Carthage, Valle del Cauca. However, he went to live with Mauricio and his mother, just a few months after the tragedy, since he was in the process of separating from his wife, Luz Elena Betancourt.

Although it seemed that life did not smile on Jhonier On account of the personal and financial problems with his company, on the other hand, his brother Mauricio was increasingly successful. According to the newspaper’s investigation, the stylist had opened a luxurious restaurant in Bogotá, had expanded his hair salon and was in negotiations with the renowned lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, about to close a juicy deal.


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