Why did Aracely Arámbula not accept to show her story in the Luis Miguel series?

The series about the life of Luis Miguel was a resounding success on Netflix, but Aracely Arámbula decided that her story should not be part of it and we will tell you why.

The Mexican, who was the wife of the Sun of Mexico and is the mother of their two children, spoke with Suelta la Sopa and explained that she preferred that the great love that they both lived remain in the hearts of each one and not be publicly exposed.

Furthermore, the actress explained: “No one from your office has approached me to ask”, referring to the fact that no one consulted with her about this idea or explained what it was about or what intentions there were in this regard. However, he clarified: “It doesn’t interest me either.”

Now that the series is over, it is clear that Luis Miguel (who was in charge of every detail of the recordings) respected his ex’s decision, since in no chapter was there even a reference to her.

Arámbula and the interpreter of “Por Debajo de la Mesa” had a long romance from which their two children were born, with whom they have very little relationship today.


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