Will Prince Andrew now be evicted from his estimated 35 million royal residence?

Prince Andrew now faces the additional humiliating prospect of being kicked out of his Georgian mansion and could also lose his police protection, the Sun newspaper tells us this Friday morning.

In 2003, Prince Andrew signed a 75-year lease for the Royal Lodge residence for a one-time fee of £1million paid from the crown fund, the equivalent of around £250 a week.

Andrew had then spent £7.5million to renovate the property, including adding an indoor swimming pool.

Still according to the Sun newspaper: the residence of the Royal Lodge, would be worth at least 30 million pounds sterling on the market, or 35 million euros. This mansion which is located 5 km from Windsor Castle is the former home of the Queen Mother.

Andrew’s former wife, Sarah Ferguson, also lives in this mansion, although officially the couple live in separate wings.

If he is evicted from this royal residence following his legal setbacks, the prince could move into Harry and Meghan’s former home at Frogmore Cottage, as their lease expires in April and a return from the Sussexes seems very unlikely. What would become of his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson then? That’s the question…

This stripping of all his titles and privileges could also mean he could lose his police protection – and now have to pay for his safety himself.


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